By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a large planetary mining rig with four 5x5 wheels.

It drives fine. I've got the settings for power, friction, dampening and strength set up in such a way that it handles fairly well when driving. However, if I get on any kind of incline, the ship will not stop moving.

Parking doesn't work either, it just keeps rolling. Read: Not slipping. A solution is to take the wheels off the ground using pistons, unfortunately that only works up to a certain weight as they are very unreliable themselves and tend to break under pressure. Basically impossible to stop it in uneven terrain without the use of thrusters. What I do is use a rotor to swing down a landing gear, then 'dock' to the ground. To get going again, I 'undock' the gear, then swing the rotor up.

Then I be off. You can reliably stop a wheeled vehicle by using the "Safety Lock Override" function on the suspension, which will lock the wheels in place. This can be associated to an action bar function by grouping the wheels and executing the action on the group. Unfortunately, the game will also lock suspension settings while the wheels are in safety lock, so if you want to modify suspension settings while stopped you can use this on one set of wheels and modify the other.

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Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 6 months ago. Active 3 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Albert Bori Albert Bori 2 2 gold badges 9 9 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. Would you consider it cheating to add horizontal thrusters and use inertia dampening? So pressing P once doesn't bring it to a complete stop? Philipp That would work, obviously adding bulk and complexity and I was hoping to avoid. You need a brick i.Wheels and suspension blocks allow the player to create ground-based vehicles for exploration, combat, aesthetic purposes, or simply for amusement.

The designs of the vehicle is completely up to the player, nor is it limited to being a vehicle. This page is an overview of the wheel and their suspension blocks. This page was written with the help and information based off of user RIPerKilla's [1] Comprehensive Rover and Suspension guide [2] on the KeenSoftwareHouse Forum; several user inputs, and experiments. Please have a look at the very in-depth guide thread on the KSH official forums, located under References. Wheels in Space Engineers are static rotating blocks that can travel along a surface.

They have a slight cushioning effect, meaning they can absorb slight amounts of pressure and impact before they themselves take damage or the surface they are traveling upon.

However, without suspension to absorb shock from traveling on uneven surfaces such as terrain on a Planetthe wheels cannot effectively travel on any rough surfaces without receiving damage, or breaking off entirely. The Wheel blocks themselves are not powered in any form, and have no means of propelling itself. The wheel blocks rotate freely, and their properties cannot be changed in any way. Suspension in Space Engineers are blocks attached to the wheels that allow a vehicle to absorb large amounts of shock and impact from uneven surfaces, and a means to propel itself.

Suspension in Space Engineers is a multi-purpose engineering part of the game. Suspension is a simplified and a bit buggy model of the real-life suspension concept. It can be used in different ways and has different applications other than just making ground-based vehicles. Its application use is only limited by the imagination. The Suspension blocks have many properties in which the player can change to alter their behavior, such as the height off-set of the wheels, the amount of torque, or even how much friction the wheels have.

This allows for a wider range of creations, and inventions for players to explore. Most notably Suspension Wheels are used to create ground-based vehicles in which to travel upon the surfaces of Planets and Moons. They are far more efficient than Thrusters in any environment where Natural Gravity is present, since they use far less power, and do not need to actively counter the gravity.

To control Suspension Wheels much like Thrustersthe player must enable "Control Wheels" in the Cockpit of a vehicle. Otherwise the vehicle will not respond to any movement controls. Power parameter sets the amount of torque in percent that your wheels have. Simple as that. Too high power will cause burnouts and too bitter acceleration. Too low - and your rover just be unable to move.

Friction parameter sets the amount of grip in percent your tires have with the surfaces it comes into contact with. Too much friction will bring about a lot of problems. Damping parameter sets the amount of "Damping Force". Damping force is the force that, basically, prevents suspension from changing its position. That's all. If there's no damping, suspension will oscillate freely.

If there's too much damping, only excessive and continuous force applied to a wheel will be able to move suspension significantly. On flat surface like racing circuit you need more damping - the stiffer suspension is, the better. But on off-road you need just enough damping to prevent oscillating. Every suspension has a spring.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Space Engineers Store Page. Global Achievements. Fixitman64 View Profile View Posts.

I can't get it to stop. I checked all 3 gyros to see if any were over ridden on accident and they were not. When I shut off the reactors, the roll speeds up this should kill the gyrosso they are not to blame.

It makes docking or merging a real pain! Anyone else experience this? Anyone got any ideas? Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. I had the same problem, it seems that there is an issue with pistons and large ships. Remove the piston and it will stop rotating.

Drui View Profile View Posts. We will try to fix that! I had that same issue too, before I realized it was the piston. I had just added retractable landing gear with a piston of course when problem happened.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Space Engineers Store Page. Global Achievements. Trump View Profile View Posts. I build a 41 million kilogram ship and put about gyros in but then that was turning to slow so i found a discussion that said to add more but then when I added more that did not help either so now my ship wont stop turning on its own Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments.

Last edited by Starstruck Wanderer ; 10 Nov, pm. Add thrusters in every direction. Gyros help you turn faster, but thrusters are used to counter-balance that. Also, make sure inertial dampeners are turned on. With these off, your ship will constantly move in the direction you last input. With inertial dampeners on, the shil will try to balance out what you've done.

You press X to toggle it on and off. I have inertial dampeners on and thrusters in every direction however my ship just keeps turning.

Here is the link to my world I just published it. Well, after looking at it a bit, I can't really see much problems other than one thing, and that's symmetry.

Starship Plans

Normally this isn't much of a problem, but I did notice your ship wasn't completely symmetrical with it's thrusters, so this might be causing a problem.

It's hard to explain, so I drew something quickly.

Space Engineers Large ships. Xbox and PC

Try making sure your ship is symmetrical, and instead of having all your thrusters in one spot, even them out through the ship, so they can work evenly and effectively. Thank you very much for your advise! I also took a look at it. But try what bradphusion said. He has a good point. Stonefish View Profile View Posts.

But, centre of mass isn't calculated in this game. Engine placement is pretty much irrelevant, as long as they face all six directions. Unless he's got some clamps hidden away inside and there are actually two ships, spinning against each other :. Kalec84 View Profile View Posts. Ironmike View Profile View Posts. Youve got more mass than your thrusters can handle - and more gyros just make it worse. More gyros make your ship turn faster - but then you do a massive powerslide, or "drift" - yes this happens even with stablizing thrusters on.

As an example, make a very small basic ship, put on a large thruster in the back and add 10 gyros. You'll turn super fast - but if you notice you will "skid" all over the place.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Wheel Blocks

Install Steam. Store Page. Space Engineers Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Nightwing View Profile View Posts. Do you have a separate reference point you're using, or are you basing your observations on the ship being horizontal in the camera?

If it's the second, I feel that I should inform you that the camera stays linked to the ship orientation. If it's the first, and the reference points are staying in the same positions relative to your viewpoint, I'd like to suggest looking at all your gyroscopes in the control panel.

Some of them might have overrides active. I rephrase that. If i hold down E or Q the ship may start rotating after i release Eor Q it snaps back to its position it had before it started rolling If i do the same thing only with a little bit of thrust it works.

I also notice this when i only move my mouse in space that the gyro start to hang and snap back iam in no gravity field or near an asteroid. Last edited by -VG- Napster ; 20 Mar, pm. Alakbar View Profile View Posts. I do think that the rotational effect of gyroscopes may be a bit weak but rule 17 of SE is if you dont think you have enough gyroscopes, add 10 more. Originally posted by Alakbar :. The fact that it worked days ago without issues and suddenly behave weird and definetly not normal anymore without any changes tells me its buggy.

But yeah maybe another docking undocking related bug. Originally posted by RT :. Aidyn View Profile View Posts. Well, grats on trying to show off on someone else's topic, who's trying to get help.Space Engineers is a block building sandbox game set in space.

space engineers ship rolling

It is focused on engineering, constructing ships, maintaining a space station, and asteroid mining. This guide will show you the basics of Space Engineers. Quickstart option automatically places you in Creative and in the Easy Start 1 scenario. This mode is great for beginning payers who have no experience with Space Engineers. Custom world option allows you to change scenarios and edit the world settings. From there, you cam change the mode option from Creative to Survival, edit difficulty settings, determine how many asteroids are in the world, use mods, and much more.

Clcik on Quickstart option. You will spawn as an astronaut at your starter space station. Controls for this game are very simple. Press X to toggle the jetpack on or off Controls for jetpack movement is ver simlar to walking. Turn inertia dampeners on and off by pressing Z Note that with inertia dampeners off, when you fly, you will be flying in one direction endlessly. Hold Alt key and move the mouse to look around your astronaut.

Note that thiis can only be dpne in third person mde. Sooner or lter you are going to need to build another station so you can put in more ships.

To begin, press G to open your inventory. Click on New Station. When you click on New Station, an outline of a block will appear in front of you.

space engineers ship rolling

Use the Left Mouse Button to place it. Tip: To make things easier, you can hold the Ctrl key and hold down the Left Mouse Button to create a line of blocks in front of you. Adjust the number of blocks by moving the mouse, then when you are done, release the Left MMouse Button. Note that when making a station, you always need a gravity generator and a medical room. You cannot have a complete station without some ships. The key components for a basic ship are a cockpit, some blocks, a landing gear, a gyroscope to give energy for the ship to movea reactor to power the shipand thrusters to move the ship.

To begin, press G to open your inventory and select New Small Ship. A landing gear will be placed in front of you.Building is the fundamental game mechanic that allows players to construct new objects in space, allowing the construction of mobile ships and stationary space stations out of many smaller building Blocks.

Building as a process is different depending on whether one is playing in Creative Mode or the more challenging Survival Mode.

Certain aspects are the same, but in general it is more arduous in Survival due to the requirement that all materials be collected to construct each block and item by hand. Creative also has several "cheat" tools that aid in building large structures. Creating a new ship or station is the same in both play modes: just place a new block such as an Armor block or Landing Gear that isn't attached to any other blocks.

If the bottom of a landing gear touches anything after it is first created, it will automatically lock on to it. Also if you grind off part of a structure, the two parts will become separate objects. Once you have a starting block, more can be added using your Toolbar. Visit the page on Toolbar Config to see how to select different blocks.

Place your crosshair over an existing Large or Small block before pressing the toolbar key to determine which variant will be placed. Also re-pressing the toolbar key will switch between the large and small variants.

The main difference between Stations and Large Ships is that Stations are locked in place and cannot move. See Station for details of these differences. A large ship can be merged with a Station using a Merge Block. Before blocks are placed, they can be rotated by 90 degrees increments in any directions.

If you are placing a block by itself and not next to an existing grid, it can be rotated freely in any direction. The gizmo in the upper-right hand corner will advise which hotkeys can be used to rotate in the desired direction. In general, use the "Insert" and "Page Up" keys to rotate about the Y Axis spinning left and right while facing you"Delete" and "Page Down" keys to rotate about the Z axis spinning left and right while facing upand the "Home" and "End" keys to rotate about the X axis spinning forward and back.

To successfully connect a rotated object to a block, you need to make sure that the outlines are green. If the outlines are yellow, it means that either one of the blocks cannot be connected there such as trying to attach a drill via its business end ; there is something obstructing placement such as an outcropping of rock or a loose entity floating about ; or there are not enough materials to build it Survival only.

Many blocks can have different colors selected before placement, especially armor blocks. To do this, select one of the various Armor Blocks on the Toolbar and then use use the [ and ] bracket keys to switch between preset colors.

If a more specific color is desired, press 'P' to open the color picker to define a custom palette or color. While in both creative mode and survival mode, a color can be "painted" on existing Armor blocks by pointing at armor and clicking the middle mouse button.

To paint using a brush like effect, hold the middle mouse button and move your mouse. While in Creative Modethis is all you need to start building.

space engineers ship rolling

After your initial anchor has been placed, simply select your desired Blocks from your Toolbar and go nuts placing. Blocks in this mode can also be removed by right-clicking. Doing the same while right-clicking will have the same effect while removing. Symmetry mode is a new feature released in update 1. It is meant to be used to create ships and structures in Creative Mode in a faster way - using symmetry planes:. You can build or remove any object the way you would normally do, the objects will be mirrored on the other side of the symmetry plane.

If you would like to add an object without mirroring:. The symmetry mode allows us to choose between odd or even symmetry plane.

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