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drc lvs interview questions

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drc lvs interview questions

High Quality Product Images. Thank you For Sharing Information. Skip to content. Tony Stark 4 February at Edgar C. Jones 20 April at Richard L Parez 11 May at Yogesh 24 July at LVs means LAyout versus schematic -method to check the correctness of ur layout designed by cross checking with netlist generated from schematic using the tool. DRC means?? DRC means Design Rules Checker - a tool for verifying the layout with the Physical layout design rules set so as to make sure that none of the rules have been violated.

LVS is when the netlist normally synthesized verilog and the physical layout gdsii match connections ie cells and wire connections match the physical layout. DRC is when the physical layout is checked to make sure that the layout of the part is manufacturable using the process that the foundry is capable of.

LVS mean layout versus schematic. What it actually mean is, it compares between the layout. If any mismatch in the connections it will show errors. Now what is layout. DRC mean it is just design rules check. It checks complete layout if there are any violations in the layout with respect to the technology files like spacings enclosers,widths,areas,endcaps ete etc it will generate errors.

DRC is a tool built into the layout editor. It is mainly used to detect any design rule violations during and after the mask layout design. LVS mean's layout versus schmetic. DRC mean's design rule check. Post New Answer.

Application process

If not into production, how far did you follow the design and why did not you see it into production? Is This Answer Correct? How are those regions used?Are you a person equipped with advanced computer skills and technology?

Are you innovative enough to work as Asic design engineer? An Asic is a microchip designed for a special application such as a particular kind of transmission protocol or a hand-held computer. Services available on Asic connect include for searching companies, business names, and self managed superannuation fund auditor registers.

An Asic design engineer works within a team that are responsible for all aspects of design activities including architecture definition, design specification, design flow development, logic design and verifications. So, candidates trace your path as Asic design engineer, Asic verification engineer, Asic Design RTL engineer, staff engineer, etc, by checking into the below listed Asic job interview questions and answers. Question 1. Reliable device fabrication at modern deep submicrometre 0.

DRC exhaustively compares the physical netlist against a set of "foundry design rules" from the foundry operatorthen flags any observed violations. LVS is a process that confirms that the layout has the same structure as the associated schematic; this is typically the final step in the layout process. The LVS tool takes as an input a schematic diagram and the extracted view from a layout. It then generates a netlist from each one and compares them.

Nodes, ports, and device sizing are all compared. If they are the same, LVS passes and the designer can continue.

drc lvs interview questions

Note: LVS tends to consider transistor fingers to be the same as an extra-wide transistor. For example, 4 transistors in parallel each 1 um widea 4-finger 1 um transistor, and a 4 um transistor are all seen as the same by the LVS tool. Functionality of. Question 2. What Is Antenna Effect? Answer : The antenna effect, more formally plasma induced gate oxide damage, is an efffect that can potentially cause yield and reliability problems during the manufacture of MOS integrated circuits.

Fabs normally supply antenna rules, which are rules that must be obeyed to avoid this problem. A violation of such rules is called an antenna violation. Occasionally the phrase antenna effect is used this context[6] but this is less common since there are many effects[7] and the phrase does not make clear which is meant. Question 3. Answer : This is a list of processing techniques that are employed numerous times in a modern electronic device and do not necessarily imply a specific order.

Question 4. What Is Clock Distribution Network? Answer : In a synchronous digital system, the clock signal is used to define a time reference for the movement of data within that system. The clock distribution network distributes the clock signal s from a common point to all the elements that need it. Since this function is vital to the operation of a synchronous system, much attention has been given to the characteristics of these clock signals and the electrical networks used in their distribution.

Clock signals are often regarded as simple control signals; however, these signals have some very special characteristics and attributes. Clock signals are typically loaded with the greatest fanout, travel over the greatest distances, and operate at the highest speeds of any signal, either control or data, within the entire synchronous system. Since the data signals are provided with a temporal reference by the clock signals, the clock waveforms must be particularly clean and sharp.

Furthermore, these clock signals are particularly affected by technology scaling see Moore's lawin that long global interconnect lines become significantly more resistive as line dimensions are decreased.

This increased line resistance is one of the primary reasons for the increasing significance of clock distribution on synchronous performance. Finally, the control of any differences and uncertainty in the arrival times of the clock signals can severely limit the maximum performance of the entire system and create catastrophic race conditions in which an incorrect data signal may latch within a register.We receive overapplications per year.

Filling out an application that attracts attention and helps you stand out from your competition takes careful reflection on your skills and how they match the role you are applying for.

Shortly after submitting your job application, you will receive an automatic email with an application receipt. If the role is urgent we may review applications before the deadline.

We generally do our best to get back to all candidates no later than 8 weeks after the closing date. However, due to the high work load in some of the emergency contexts that we work in, we may not always be able to get back to you. Normally, you will hear from us shortly after the deadline if you are invited for a test or an interview.

For certain positions, particularly in management roles, we may invite you to complete a personality assessment as well. Due to the international context we operate in, most of our interviews are conducted through Skype.

The interview focuses on three main areas: Your motivation for working with us, how your profile and experience suits the criteria for the role and practical information about the role. If we decide to continue with you as a candidate, we will ask for permission to contact you professional references.

We contact a minimum of two references. If you have not been successful, you will be contacted by someone in the panel. We aim to give everyone individual feedback after an interview, but please note that there may sometimes be delays in getting back to everyone.

The application We receive overapplications per year. The first step is to complete the application form with your personal information.

Here are some points to consider when submitting an application: Make sure you answer each question fully and properly. Ensure that you have presented clear evidence that you possess the qualities and skills required. Think of the person reviewing your application. Cut sections into shorter paragraphs and develop the details of your answer.

We recommend that your CV does not exceed pages. Set yourself apart from other candidates. Let your skills, personality and experience shine through. Sometimes we get 15 or 20 applications for very different jobs from the same person. It makes us wonder if you really know what you want and what you are good at.Thanks for this blog which showed me what is actually physical verification and how it has been done thanks for it.

Background Verification Companies in India. Skip to content. Layout will be ready after routing stage. Some checks we have to perform soon after the completion of layout to check whether our layout works as designed. These checks are known as Signoff checks. For verifying the functionality, LVS is introduced. LVS is a crucial check in the physical verification stage. The LVS tool creates a layout netlist, by extracting the geometries.

This layout netlist is compared with the schematic netlist of the same stage for verifying whether they are functionally match or not. If the two netlists match, then the LVS reports clean. Else the tool reports the mismatch and the component and location of the mismatch. Some of the LVS errors are:. Logical Equivalence check LEC will compare the golden netlist with the revised netlist.

Golden Netlist or post-layout netlist is nothing but the synthesis netlist and the revised netlist or pre-layout netlist is what we get after PnR flow. Search This Blog. Popular Posts Floor Planning. Floorplanning is the most important stage in Physical Design.

drc lvs interview questions

It is a factor that directly affects the following in a design: Conge Physical Design Sanity Checks. The main intention of sanity checks in Physical Design is that they are mainly done for checking the design for further acceptance at ea Definition Placement is the process of placing standard cells in the rows created at floor planning stage.

Steps in Placement stag Sign Off Checks. Some checks we have to perform soon after the completion of layout to check whether our layout Definition Clock Tree Synthesis CTS is a process which make sure that the clock gets distributed evenly to all sequential elements Recent Posts. Pages Home About Us Disclaimer.If you are experiencing trouble uploading your application, then please check whether you have remembered:.

If you are still experiencing problems, try to change your browser. Our job application system communicates best with a Chrome-browser. If the deadline is imminent and you still have technical problems with submitting your application, please fill out this form. We therefore kindly ask you to keep an eye on the vacancies posted on our website and apply when you find a position that fits your aspirations and qualifications.

We also encourage you to subscribe to the Job Agent on our website. You will receive email notifications when there are job postings that match your profile.

Subscribe to our Job Agent here. Occasionally, we have CV pools or rosters where you can add your CV to one or several types of positions. These will also be posted on our Current Vacancies-page. When you apply for a vacancy at DRC, it is important that you reflect on the tasks and qualifications in the vacancy.

We recommend that you attach documents in PDF-format instead of Word. I did not receive a confirmation regarding my application. Did you receive it? If the application is successful, you will receive a confirmation email — please check your spam filter if necessary. If you have not received any confirmation, try to apply again.

If you still have problems, please fill out our support form here. Please be aware that the new password might end up in your spam mail. It is possible to make changes in your application until the application deadline by logging on to your profile. I have noticed a vacancy within Danish Refugee Council, but it is not on your website.

What do I do? Our vacancies page contains numerous available positions, and we therefore recommend you to use the categories for sorting to easier find the relevant position.

Please note that if the deadline has expired the position is no longer visible or possible to apply for. We strive to answer all candidates as soon as possible, but sometimes it takes up to two months for us to finalize a recruitment process.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers

We kindly ask you to remain patient. I have received a rejection email, but I would like to get individual feedback. At Danish Refugee Council we do not have the capacity to give individual feedback for applicants who have not been invited to an interview. We usually receive a large number of qualified applications from all over the world. We select candidates for an interview based on the criteria written in the vacancy.

It is not possible to predict what kind of internships we will offer in the future as it changes yearly. The previous years we have only offered a limited number of internships in Denmark and very few spots abroad. We only accept interns who are currently enrolled in an academic institution.Post a Comment.

What is FPGA? ANS: Field Programmable Gate Array is a semiconductor device containing programmable logic components called "logic blocks", and programmable interconnects. Logic blocks can be programmed to perform the function of basic logic gates such as AND, and XOR, or more complex combinational functions such as decoders or mathematical functions.

In most FPGAs, the logic blocks also include memory elements, which may be simple flip-flops or more complete blocks of memory.

ASIC Interview Questions & Answers

Why they are used? ANS: Digital clock manager DCM is a fully digital control system that uses feedback to maintain clock signal characteristics with a high degree of precision despite normal variations in operating temperature and voltage. The output of DCM coming from global buffer can handle more load. A SRAM based technology. B Segmented connection between elements. C Usually used for complex logic circuits. D Must be reprogrammed once the power is off.

E Costly. B Continuous connection between elements. C Usually used for simpler or moderately complex logic circuits. D Need not be reprogrammed once the power is off. E Cheaper. What is DFT? This will help you in testing the chip for manufacturing defects after it come from fab. This is a hot field and with lots of opportunities.

What is Synthesis? ANS: Synthesis is the stage in the design flow, which is concerned with translating your Verilog code into gates - and that's putting it very simply! First of all, the Verilog must be written in a particular way for the synthesis tool that you are using.

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