I haven't written anything for days and I'm terribly sorry. Especially to Mawilegirl, who has been so patient that within my power I will try and make it amazing and lemony as possible. If not you can kill me for making you wait so long for a crappy story.

Or you can chuck tomatoes. I rather the second one my dear. The crowd was roaring with anticipation, eagerly waiting for the battlers to come out. Masses of banners were wavering about, the commentators were also impatient for the start of the battle. A young boy with mischievous yet mature features. A straight aristocratic nose, kind yet devious green eyes, defined cheek bones and a messy flop of brown hair.

The mawile blushed, trying not to distract herself from her goal of winning. It was so hard now, especially with the mention of a delicious punishment if she was a bad bad mawile. Closing her long cream cloaked legs, she redirected herself back to the battle. His breath hot against her shoulder. Glancing sideways he caught her eye, licked the corner of his mouth and winked. Sometimes she really wanted to whack him around the face to at least dent that massive ballon of a head of his with her heavy second head.

Maybe even bite on it to make deflate it as well. And maybe nibble on his neck. Then move down to his chest. How it would be crushed into her mouth when he would be arching his back in pleasure.

Throaty moans would be thick in hot air. His now vikings shaanig strands of his fringe would stick to his forehead as his sinful tongue would make it's ferocious attack on her core. Then maybe she could travel further just to taste a little of his- oh it was time to go into the arena.

Mawile immediately corrected her slumped posture and just managed put her mind back on the task at hand. Winning this battle for her trainer, master, lover.

Her knees almost buckled at the musk that was left on her shoulder when they hugged. Sam stood, back straight and tall, shoulders broad and proud. Mawile straightened her back too, almost looming over, her second head had a cruel, sinister toothy smile, to try to frighten the competition. They strode in almost haughtily. The other side was a lopunny.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". This is a group of short Stories, Reader Inserts and Preferences.

There will be Characters that I have made inserted into this story I am just a writer exercising her short story skills. Some will be gory, some will be smutty, and some will be fluffy. You Have Been Warned. I May or May Not take requests. Sorry Not Sorry. One by one, Death Scythes are being mysteriously stolen all over London. I have no idea how to tag but will update them as I go on. This is just for fun and just stuff to read when you're bored. This is my first post so please be nice.

Spock x reader 2. Loki x reader 3. Anakin x reader 5. Mycroft x reader 6. Thor x reader 7. Vampire oc x f! James T. Kirk x Reader 9. Amethyst x Reader Steve Rogers x Reader Anakin x reader pt. Here, the reader will be placed in numerous sexually explicit situations with the diverse cast of characters of any gender in any size grouping. Anything from twosomes to orgies are welcome here, but everyone will be aged up to be adults I.I sat in class, waiting for the bell to ring and redeem me from the boredom of math.

Finally, the bell rang and I ran to the class we had history in. The flash was a turtle compared to me at that moment.

I glared at him, trying to seem upset, but the truth is I just pretended to be annoyed. Why get my hopes high just to throw my heart off of the highest tower in the palace? The teacher walked in, and class started. I did my best keeping up with the teacher. Remind me again: Why do I like him? I mean sure, some may say he is a good looking guy, and he is funny and quite smart but he is so annoying. Yet charming.

Yet annoying, he is so annoying. I mean, he can probably model. And my offer stands. Movie on friday? The woman on the screen was crying silently on her bed as the thunderstorm continued on outside. Lighting flashed revealing her disheveled state to the viewer one more time. Her head was in her hands as she silently wept. It was easy to understand why she was crying. No one in her family believed her when she said something was wrong with the house. The ghost had been haunting her for the last few days and she was at her wits ends.

You snuggled down into the couch with a soft blanket on top of you. All the lights were off in your house allowing you to get immersed into the movie. It was rare for you to watch horror movies, but you were in a mood to watch some and went all out. You bought the newest horror movie and made some snacks for the occasion. All the lights in your house were off, except for a few candles around the house. The atmosphere was set. The camera slowly panned to the left to show that her bedroom door was creaking open, but the sound of her sobs covered it.

A thin pale bony hand slipped out of the darkness and wrapped itself around the door. More of the arm slipped out and the music got more shrilly. The candles in your house suddenly burned higher. You jumped at the increase in light in your house, but once your mind caught up, you settled down.

crush x reader lemon birthday

You were answered back with a small grunt. You turned your head to see the creature standing near your front door. His vantablack skin made him blend into the darkness around him, but the light of the candles added some highlights to him.

imagine your crush while watching this- 18+ pls!!!!

His long thin arms draped down beside him and lightly brushed his calves. The talons on his hands and feet were still glossy from the last time you painted them.Originally posted by gounderoos. This is my masterlist! If you have any request please send it here! You took the straw of your drink between two of your fingers and start to stir the ice and the mix of it as you watched with a playful grin as your best friend kissed her crush with voracity in front of everyone.

You smirked when she sat between said boy and a very awkward guy. You were not the best with faces or names and that had caused you trouble before. The response was a little low for your ears but you could swear that you heard your name in it. But that was impossible or that was what you thought before you saw the wink of your friend, Sophie; and a mischievous smile appeared on your face as you made a little nod to her.

You poured the tequila in the small glass and sat between your Peter and your best friend trying to take advantage so that Sophie could be nearer to his crush.

crush x reader

Your eyes stared into his ones, which were open in shock. The sour of the fruit soothing the bitterness of the drink, or it was his lips? You were slightly drunk by this time after all. He smiled at you when he was preparing the things for his shot and you return it before you placed another slice of lemon between your teeth, holding it by its rind.

And that was the direction he took with his tongue and you had to bite the rind and close your eyes to not let a loudly moan escape from your lips. You opened them in time to watch him slowly getting closer to you and when he was merely a few millimeters away, you let the slice fall before his lips linked with yours.

When life gives you lemons You took the straw of your drink between two of your fingers and start to stir the ice and the mix of it as you watched with a playful grin as your best friend kissed her crush with voracity in front of everyone. It took a while before it was your turn to play but then it came.

Are you ok with this, Peter? You felt how he tensed for about a second before he smiled in the kiss and reciprocate it. One thing was for sure, Peter was shy but he totally knew how to kiss.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Rules are in the first chapter. Growing up with your best friend and your first Pokemon, a Toxel from the age of 8 - now evolved, he is one of your brother's strongest Pokemon on his journey to the Ultra League to become the world's finest.

Toxtricity is a rebel without a cause, but always had a soft spot for you - but has this been forgotten in the time you have spent apart? Are Pokemon just like people with faults and egos - or is he different?

Start of in Kanto Because Nintendo really wants you there for the journey to be the very best. Meet and challenge by new freinds and pokemon alike.

The story will follow the games, mangas, anime,movies and my own twist no your not an idiot like ash. Notes: There will be male pokemon in your team, but they will kinda push you to mate with you female ones, mostly your first one you meet.

You will get legendaries but they will be female. If you want, female humans will be in the harem. Short little snippets of either readers or original characters with their pokemon or wild or whatever you can think of. I'll consider almost all requests in comments, messages, or likewise. This is the safe for work collection of oneshots, not safe for work may be started in the future in another collection. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.

Anonymous commission. A centuries-old and long-forgotten prophecy about The Original One, a villainous team that has been lying in wait just as long, a trio of legendary Trainers devoted to the protection of The Destined One, a curious boy who wants to witness the rise of another hero I only own the story and the OCs appearing in it. You had been sneaking out to the cliffside a lot recently, your mind having been especially active during the last month.

Fer, your Feraligatr wasn't too happy about that, not liking that you always disapeared away from the house at random times.

Althought you hadn't been the only one with a lot on your mind, as Fer having been struggling with his attraction towards you for quite some time. The only difference now was that he was finally going to make sure you knew.

As usual, all readers are female unless stated otherwise and all Pokemon are male unless stated otherwise. I can do any pokemon, any gender, any region, anything!

All you have to do is comment what you want me to do! You wake up feeling a bit excited. How were you supposed to deal with it with your Pokemon around? Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Pokemon Gijinkas x Reader Taking requests!Picking up two mugs from the kitchen side, you turned to the table occupied by your best friends. Squeezing his shoulder lightly, you shook your head at him.

You looked up at Five to find him sipping his coffee with an unreadable expression within his gaze. He said nothing, just looking between Klaus and you. I promise there will be some cute singles there.

You coughed into your drink as your cheeks burned with embarrassment. A few hours later, you were sat in your room, eyes scanning over all the photos you had ever taken with Five since the beginning of your friendship.

Gently, you picked up the photo taken on your last birthday; Five had taken you out on a picnic, equipped with champagne and all of your favourite foods. Huge smiles spread across your faces as you looked at the camera, happiness shining in your eyes.

At the last moment before taking the picture, you turned to press a kiss to his cheek in gratitude at the wonderful day he had planned for you. Five felt his cheeks burn at the contact, unable to stop the pink tones that blossomed, staining his skin. Smiling at the image, you recalled the day, noticing how the photo had managed to capture a blush on both of your cheeks.

Rubbing your forehead, you closed your eyes against the picture, unable to resist imagining how life would be if Five felt the same way you felt about him. You jumped as he appeared in front of you, cross-legged on your bed. Speak of the devil - well, sort of.

crush x reader lemon birthday

His blue eyes flashed with intensity as he scanned your expression of surprise, your heart beginning to beat faster at the close proximity. Masking the fear that was killing him at the thought of you loving someone else, he employed a casual tone, tilting his head like a curious puppy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

God, he hated this. He cares a lot more than he lets on, and… I wish he knew how I felt about him. Your heart began to speed up in your chest, your blood racing as you mustered all the courage you had. Realisation dawned on Five, as he realised he could practically hear the blood thrumming in his veins.

It was him. You, the only person who had ever truly understood him, felt the same way he did. Smiling against his lips, you wrapped your arms around his neck, hands running through his hair as you deepened the kiss, convincing him that you truly did feel the same way. Keep reading. All of the following works belong to thirsty-x1 on tumblr.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Replication of the works in any form such as copying, stealing, plagiarising and translating is prohibited. All works are fiction unless stated otherwise. Requesting rules. Maybe it was the way he laughed at the joke I made and brushed his hand against mine. Maybe it was how the shirt he was wearing was a little too tight and really complemented his eyes. Maybe it was the way the others looked at us with confusion.Part 1.

I bet you taste even better. He smirks back up at you. You could tell he wanted you to tell him what to do. Not because he wanted to make it good for you, but because he was finding pleasure in seeing you squirm. His tongue dipping in ever so slowly and he lets out a groan when you pull at his hair, squirming in pleasure. He holds onto your trembling thighs as he continues to lick, tease, and kiss you everywhere he could reach. He groans against you, the vibrations making you buck your hips up slightly and pull at his hair.

He digs his nails into the flesh of your shaking thighs and your eyes roll back as you let out another moan.

He releases the pressure on your clit and you let out desperate whines as he pulls away with a smirk. He slowly moves his fingers to your throbbing entrance and presses his tongue against your clit, rolling it around as you hold onto his shoulder with one hand, grasping his hair with the other. The elastic in your stomach snaps and Jug takes his time licking up your juices as you slowly grind against his tongue, shaking with pleasure.

Part 3. Did I fall headfirst in love with your writing? Fuck yeah!! You are so freaking amazing and a talented writer how do you even exist wtffff?? I might give you guys a little treat if I remember. I keep forgetting I have this blog. I mainly write over on my RP blogs now. Uploading all my fics to AO3 so I can delete this blog. Any old or New stuff will be posted there.

crush x reader lemon birthday

Request : can i request a fic where cheryl is the one to discover jughead sleeping somewhere dodgy like, under a bench or something one night? I recently bought a new laptop just for the purpose of writing more so here I am.

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