Rounds also known as waves, levels or stages are the levels in the game. Rounds get harder as the player progresses. The Red Bloon Equivalent displays how many pops are needed to clear the current round. Every time you complete a round, you get 99 cash plus the number of the round, Survive bloons attack. If you are wondering what is the RBE in the Apopalypse Mode's rounds, you will be dedicated to this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Round 1 is easy because it has 20 red bloons. Round 2 is easy because it has 30 red bloons.

Blue appears in Round 3 and contains red inside them. Round 4 contains more blue bloons. Round 5 contains even more Bloons. Green Bloons appear in Round 6, and they have blue inside them. Round 7 has 20 reds, 25 blues and 5 greens.

Round 8 has 10 reds, 20 blues and 14 greens. Round 9 is slightly harder because it has lots of greens. Round 10 contains lots of blues. Yellow bloons appear next in Round 11 and it is fast and they contain green inside them. Round 12 has 15 blues, 10 greens and 5 yellows. Round 13 is little bit harder because green bloons goes through the the red bloons. Round 14 has 49 reds and blues, greens and yellows goes through them. Pink bloons appear next in Round 15 and they contain yellow inside them.This means that it takes Similarly, the most efficient bank in BTD5 was able to pay itself off in 7 rounds the, and all paid themselves off in 7 rounds.

However, the most efficient bank with no monkey knowledge in BTD6 is able to pay itself off in 10 rounds the, and upgrades all pay themselves off in 10 rounds. In BTD5, the bananas went straight to the farmer after being deployed by the banana farm. In BTD6, the bananas touch the ground first before going to the farmer.

BTD6 Towers

The farmer does have a monkey knowledge upgrade, though, that makes its range bigger. HERE are the comparison photos. Note: All prices are done on medium difficulty with no monkey knowledge, unless otherwise stated. In BTD6, there are 3 upgrade paths for banana farms. This farm now makes 6 bunches of bananas.

The farm is more efficient than the farm, taking The used to be the most efficient banana farm, until it was recently overtaken by the farm. This farm now makes 8 bunches of bananas. The farm is less efficient than the farm but more efficient than the farm, taking This upgrade effectively increases the banana production by 8, since the farm creates 8 bananas.

Hence, the efficiency of this banana farm is much lower than the farm, dropping to The farm pays itself off in The one in BTD6 is about half as efficient. We have Banana! Since bananas are usually picked up the moment they are dropped, this is pretty much a useless upgrade.

This upgrade affects the other paths. This drastically improves the efficiency of the farms, notably the farm takes The farm is pretty much the same, and it hurts the efficiency of thetheand the farms.

Banks in general are more efficient than the 1st path and the 3rd path, however, they require you to wait until the bank is full to get the most efficiency out of the bank. The bank is the most efficient bank of all. You can withdraw at any time, but it is recommended to wait to hit or almost hit the limit to be the most efficient. The and banks take 10 rounds rounded up to pay themselves off, while the takes 11 rounds to pay itself off, with no monkey knowledge.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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btd6 xp per round

SandTag Offline. Guide Index.

btd6 xp per round

The one guide to end them all. All of those Bloons. Bloon Properties Explained. Co-Op mode. Easter Eggs. Heroes Page 2. Monkey Knowledge: What to do with it? Monkey Knowledge Part 2 Late Game. Primary Monkeys. Primary Monkeys part 2. Military Monkeys. Military monkeys part 2.

Magic Monkeys. Support Towers. Banana Farms. The Temple. Insta Monkeys and Powers. Strategy Book.Rounds also known as levels, waves, or stages are the levels in the BTD series. Each round gets harder as the player progresses. Pre-Round Comments may appear before a round. In BTD6, most game modes start at Round 1, but there are exceptions.

In addition, after round 81, M. Class bloons will become slightly tougher and faster each round, and money per pop decreases Factored into the following table.

Rounds follow the same pattern across all games, with the exceptions of Alternate Bloon Rounds accessible after beating Hard Difficulty and Apopalypse Mode accessible after beating Military Only in Medium. The dedicated page that contains a table of rounds in Alternate Bloon Rounds can be found here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Highest round in BTD5 any version 43 messages. A Bloons Wiki contributor. I hit on 3 times around and am trying to push higher on mobile TZ. Currently on round mobile Version TZ. Im pretty sure they are the high Categories :. Cancel Save. Random Purple, Ceramic, M. G 5 in Impoppable Difficulty.Though BTD6 is very similar to the previous title, there are a few fundamental changes to the core gameplay.

For one, there are no more special agents. Instead, there are heroes not Supermonkeys that level up with each round. Though their levels do not carry over to the next arena, it has to restart every session.

Secondly, you can only upgrade your monkeys with experience points, not with the in-game money you earn with every bloon popped. This makes each level a little more challenging than it was in the previous games as you can no longer put down a dart monkey and max out his skills in the first round. There are also a few tricks that Bloons TD 6 does not explain very well, like soul binding a tower, what knowledge does, how to gain experience points, and a reminder of how to get those pesky lead bloons.

Be sure to check it out for any hints you might need to win the next arena. This happens when you unlock the last tier in the Intense Magic skill tree of the wizard monkey.

Luckily, some folks over at Reddit have figured it out. Turns out, soulbind helps when you run out of lives. The tower will sacrifice itself and any other soulbind you have out to gain more lives. Furthermore, you can only have one soulbind tower at a time, but you can bind as many other towers to it as you want to.

This caution is expressed because the sites linked below require a valid email address before you can download the game. All of these are basically APK versions, but getting to them is a lot riskier. Again, if you are worried about security, it might be best to avoid the links above.

Both links have customer ratings and comments available to make sure you get a copy that works and has minimal bugs; it is always good to express caution when downloading an app from places other than Google Play and the App Store. Instead of upgrading your tower whenever you like with the money gained from bloon popping, you have to unlock each tier with experience points first.

It is easy enough to gain experience points — you simply need to put down the tower you want to upgrade and play. The more of that tower you have down, the more experience points you will get.

If you want to farm for experience points, it is best to pick an easy arena and only put down the tower you want to upgrade. There are very few towers that will inherently tackle camp and lead bloons without any upgrades.

For camo bloons, those include ninja, wizard, and boomerang monkeys. For lead bloons, it is only the canon.

BTD 6 Rounds (MOPDAT's Version)

The rest of the methods require upgrades, which expands the ability to almost all towers. Even the dart monkey with enhanced sight will see a camp bloon. Other options for popping both camp and lead bloons include, but are limited to:. These are skills and upgrades that will remain permanent throughout each arena and round, regardless of how much you lose or win. What you spend your knowledge points on is entirely up to you and what strategy you prefer. For example, More Cash will net you an extra starting cash for each arena.

More Cash does require some dedication, however, as it is the end of the Primary Knowledge tree. Again, it is really up to you how to spend the points and keep in mind that all abilities are passive. By Rhys Pugatschew. Updated Jun 21, at pm. Published Jun 21, at pm. Floating in the summer sky, 99 red, blue, yellow, and green bloons go by.For example, reducing M.

The player gets a new Rank when they reach certain amounts of XP. In BTD4the bar showing how much XP you had also showed how many more bloons you had to pop before you go up a rank. In BTD5the information is shown as pop up message when the player hovers the mouse over the XP bar.

BTD6 Income Calculator

Bloons also give less XP starting at round Heroes gain a fixed amount of experience each round. It does not matter how many Bloons they pop. The base heroes all require the same amounts of experience to level up whereas Captain Churchill requires twice as much. Adora needs 1.

Bold lines represent levels where it requires LESS experience than the level before it. The more money that is spent on a type of tower, the more Tower XP for the type of tower is gained.

Certain amounts unlock new tower upgrades for each tower.

Super Fast Monkey Money - Bloons TD 6

Final upgrades must be unlocked also by reaching a certain Ranksuch as the Ray of Doom. Instead of automatically unlocking upgrades, the player gets to choose which upgrades can be unlocked for a tower.

Each tower has a different set of XP collections, and more XP can be generated by using a certain tower more often. Unlocking a tower with XP requires the previous upgrade tier to be unlocked, so for example, Very Quick Shots cannot be unlocked unless Quick Shots is also unlocked.

To see how much XP is required for each towers' upgrades, please see each respective towers' pages. XP for towers in BTD6 is calculated in the following way. Each round has a set amount of XP that it gives, regardless of bloons popped. At the end of the round, this XP is added to your account and is split between the towers you have placed relative to the amount of money spent on each tower. Heroes do not count as towers in this scenario. Round 1 starts off with 40xp, and up until round 20 this amount increases by 20 each round 40xp, 60xp, 80xp, Then on rounds the amount experience gained each round increases by 40 each round xp, ,xp, And last, from round 51 up until roundthis amount increases by 90 each round xp, xp, Some upgrades and buildings require a certain City Level similar to rank in other BTD games before being bought.

Once the player gains enough XP, their city levels up. Demolishing building leads to you being "in debt" to experience points. This cannot cause you to lose levels, and shows how much more you need to earn to start gaining experience again. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Is there any use of EXP after about level 45? Qwertyxp the second.

Xl wrote: after 60 it is only a boring rank leaderboard You are correct, actually. I've never beat an Hard or over track before A Bloons Wiki contributor. Dollars monkey money is used to buy speciality buildings TZ. Categories :.

Cancel Save.Public Pastes. UltraLuigi Jul 25th, 3, Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Needs to be first e. DartMonkey Description,Throws a single dart at nearby Bloons. Short range and low pierce but cheap. BoomerangMonkey Description,Hurls a boomerang that follows a curved path.

Good range and pierce. BombShooter Description,Launches a powerful bomb at the Bloons. Slow rate of fire but affects a radius around the explosion. TackShooter Description,Shoots a short-range volley of sharp tacks in 8 directions.

IceMonkey Description,"Pops and freezes nearby Bloons for a short time. Frozen Bloons are immune to sharp damage. Can't freeze White, Zebra or Lead Bloons. SniperMonkey Description,"Can shoot Bloons it can see anywhere on the screen with a long-range rifle, and pops 2 layers off Bloons hit by it.

MonkeySub Description,Shoots homing torp-e-darts at nearby Bloons. Must be placed in water.

btd6 xp per round

MonkeyBuccaneer Description,"Shoots a single, heavy dart from both sides of the ship. MonkeyAce Description,Flies above the ground shooting volleys of high-pierce darts. HeliPilot Description,Hovers wherever you last tapped the screen. Shoots from twin heavy dart guns. MortarMonkey Description,Launches an exploding mortar shell to a fixed location anywhere on the screen.

WizardMonkey Description,Hurls magical bolts of energy at the Bloons. Can upgrade to a variety of powerful spells. DartlingGunner Description,Uses a dart-shooting machine-gun. Aims wherever you last tapped on the screen. SuperMonkey Description,Throws hundreds of darts at hypersonic speed with a huge attack range.

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