Also See for 4G1 series Service manual - pages General information manual - pages User manual - 97 pages.

Page of Go. Table of Contents. General Information. Service Specifications. Rework Dimensions. Torque Specifications. Form-in-place Gasket. Mitsubishi 4G1 Series User Manual 97 pages.

Engine Mitsubishi 4G6 Manual pages. Page 5 Pressure feed, full-flow filtration Oil pump type Trochoid type Trochoid type Cooling system Water-cooled, forced circulation Water-cooled, forced circulation Water pump type Centrifugal impeller type Centrifugal impeller type Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Nov.

Page 6 Pressure feed, full-flow filtration Oil pump type Trochoid type Trochoid type Cooling system Water-cooled, forced circulation Water-cooled, forced circulation Water pump type Centrifugal impeller type Centrifugal impeller type Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Nov. Page 7 Pressure feed, full-flow filtration Oil pump type Trochoid type Trochoid type Cooling system Water-cooled, forced circulation Water-cooled, forced circulation Water pump type Centrifugal impeller type Centrifugal impeller type Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Nov.

Page 10 Piston pin press-in load at room temperature N 4, - 14, Crankshaft pin oil clearance mm 0. Page 11 Cylinder block overall height mm Cylinder block cylindricity mm 0. Page 19 about one hour has passed after installation is completed. The FIPG application procedure may vary on different areas.

Observe the procedure described in the text when applying the FIPG. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Nov. Page 23 NOTE 6. Alternator chassis workshop manual. AA" "BA 8.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

4G13 and 4G15 Modification From Mild to Extreme

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. The car's timing refers to the ignition and the process by which the spark plugs fire, creating a spark in the car's combustion chamber.

Your timing must be at the correct setting for your car to perform at top level, affecting the speed and efficiency at which the engine fires. You can adjust your car's timing with a timing light and a set of wrenches, tools available at any auto parts store.

4g15 timing marks

To adjust timing, start by finding the optimum timing number for the make and model of your vehicle, which you can find online or by asking someone at your local auto parts store. Then, use a timing light or timing gun to check your vehicle's current timing number to see whether or not it needs to be adjusted. If it does, loosen the bolt that secures your engine's distributor so you're able to rotate it.

Once that's loose, just rotate the distributor until the timing mark is in the right position and then re-tighten the bolt. To learn how to use a timing light or timing gun, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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Mitsubishi 4G1 series Workshop Manual

There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Explore this Article Understanding Ignition Timing. Checking Your Timing. Adjusting the Timing.

Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need.The Mitsubishi Orion or 4G1 engine is a series of inline-four internal combustion engines introduced by Mitsubishi Motors in the s, along with the AstronSiriusand Saturn.

Changing the timing belt on a 4g15 interference engine (SOHC)

It was first introduced in the Colt and Colt-derived models in Displacement ranges from 1. The 4G11 displaces 1. The 4G12 also known as the G11B displaces 1. The 4G12 was not offered by Mitsubishi with fuel injection.

This engine is fairly outdated compared to its counterparts that were used in the later Lancers. This increased power and torque by about 30 and 25 percent respectively.

A version of the 4G15 was produced with gasoline multi-port fuel injection. The 4G15 is known as one of the longest lived Japanese engines ever produced. It is a in-line four with a compact type combustion chamber. The engine is an analogue of the Mitsubishi G15B in terms of the engine mechanical specifications except for the valve timing. The G13B is also equipped with jet valves and jet springs. The 4G16 displaces 1. This engine was mainly offered in European markets, where it suited local tax regulations.

The 4G17 displaces 1. It is a SOHC valve engine. Bore and stroke is It uses a COP Coil-On-Plugalso known as Plug-top coil ignition rely on one coil to fire two cylinders, one of which was by spark plug wire.

It was introduced inpowering the then-new Mitsubishi Colt. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Bahrain: Mitsubishi Motors. Archived from the original on Retrieved CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. Mitsubishi Motors technologies. Categories : Mitsubishi Motors engines Inline-four engines Gasoline engines by model.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Franck Carazas. The tightening procedure for these is different from that of conventional bolts and is described in relevant parts of this manual.

Note that plastic region tightening bolts have fixed service limits. These limits are indicated in relevant parts of this manual and must be strictly observed.

1997 Mitsubishi Mirage 1.5ltr 4G15 Timing Marks

The exact tightening procedure differs depending on the bolt and is described in relevant parts of this manual. To ensure that the gasket fully serves its purpose, it is necessary to observe some precautions when applying the gasket. Bead size, continuity and location are of paramount importance. Too thin a bead could cause leaks. Too thick a bead, on the other hand, could be squeezed out of location, causing blocking or narrowing of the fluid feed line.

To eliminate the possibility of leaks from a joint, therefore, it is absolutely necessary to apply the gasket evenly without a break, while observing the correct bead size. MD or MD Since the RTV hardens as it reacts with the moisture in the atomospheric air, it is normally used in the metallic flange areas. MD, can be used for sealing both engine oil and coolant, while Part No.

Disassembly The parts assembled with the FIPG can be easily disassembled without use of a special method. In some cases, however, the sealant between the joined surfaces may have to be broken by lightly striking with a mallet or similar tool. A flat and thin gasket scraper may be lightly hammered in between the joined surfaces.

In this case, however, care must be taken to prevent damage to the joined surfaces. Be sure to use the special tool to remove the oil pan. Check to ensure that the surfaces to which the FIPG is to be applied is flat. Make sure that there are no oils, greases and foreign substances deposited on the application surfaces. Do not forget to remove the old sealant remained in the bolt holes. Form-In-Place Gasket Application When assembling parts with the FIPG, you must observe some precautions, but the procedures is very simple as in the case of a conventional precut gasket.

Applied FIPG bead should be of the specified size and without breaks. Also be sure to encircle the bolt hole circumference with a completely continuous bead. The FIPG can be wiped away unless it is hardened. While the FIPG is still moist in less than 15 minutesmount the parts in position. When the parts are mounted, make sure that the gasket is applied to the required area only. In addition, do not apply any oil or water to the sealing locations or start the engine until a sufficient amount of time about one hour has passed after installation is completed.

The FIPG application procedure may vary on different areas. Observe the procedure described in the text when applying the FIPG. E Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Nov. Oil level gauge Spark plug cable 2.

Oil level gauge guide Changing the timing belt on a 4g15 interference engine SOHC. Did some research on it. So here goes: your loosening the tensioner to take out the belt but before you do that, I notice the timing marks does be all over when switch off the engine, do I mark off the timing marks with a metal marker on cam and crank pulley as it is seen or do I start and stop the engine until it lines up TDC then mark it off?

Does the cam and crank pulley move when I loosen the tensioner pulley? I know in interference engines you just take off the belt without moving cam and crank pulley and take out the belt, but do you have to rotate it close wise back to TDC before you put on back the belt?

Also do I need to torque down the tensioner when tensioning the belt and what are the torque specs for the tensioner if it has? Thank you for taking the time to answer. Do you. I've attached the complete timing belt removal, installation and adjustment procedures for your vehicle. To answer your question regarding mark alignment, the best thing to do is rotate the engine by hand socket on the crank pulley bolt until both sets of marks are lined up.

Also, make sure you only turn the engine in the clockwise direction. All the bolt torque specs are shown in the last attachment. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Images Click to enlarge. Was this answer. How much torque in ft pounds is it? What is the specs for the bolt on the crank pulley not seeing that in the diagram? Most torque specs provide a range shown in this manner. Nm stands for Newton Meters and is the metric equivalent torque spec. The torque spec for the crank pulley bolt is 95 ft. Image Click to enlarge. Trying to send a video here. Not seeing any timing mark TDC for the cam. Can you please shoot a quick video with your phone so we can see what's going on, that would be great.

You can upload it here with your response. Please login or register to post a reply. I Tried Once It Sponsored links. Ask a Car Question. It's Free!That is all I need for now and I thank you for your support. I am also a ASE master but in the aftermarket parts saleman. Thanks again. Bob Was this answer helpful? I am trying to find a diagram of some sort to show where the timing marks are and how it should be aligned when repairing.

Thanks Was this answer helpful? Images Click to enlarge Was this answer helpful? I was recommended a power steering flush is needed?

Ask the tech why he believes your fluid needs flushing? Also, why are you getting your timing belt replaced? You would've had to put a lot of miles on an 06 to need one of those already. Was this answer helpful? I have just been informed that the flush can wait. At least now I don't have to worry about the timing belt for another k.

4g15 timing marks

You can actually get a copy of the manufactures recommended service procedures from a dealer or the companies web site. However the crankshaft nut is very tight. Is there a special tool or trick to removing this nut. I have changed timing belts before on a Hyundai Was this answer helpful?

4g15 timing marks

How to align timing marks on my lancer the belt is already installed but I think my cam gear has turned a little bit because I don, t have the power I had before. Do you. Image Click to enlarge. Was this answer. Bob Was this answer. Timing belt "teeth" are stripped, it did this when I tried to crank it. Thanks Was this answer.

I am giving you the single and dual cam setups and the balancer shaft diagrams. Images Click to enlarge. I have a mitsubishi lancer I am getting the time belt replaced and belts a long with rear break service.

Your power steering fluid only needs replacing if it's been inspected and determined to be bad, which I highly doubt with a car so new. Thanks for the reply, the car has near 70k miles on it have taken it cross country. No problem. The timing belt needs to be replaced on my Lancer. I have changed timing belts before on a Hyundai Was this answer. At what mileage will I need to replace the timing belt or is it a chain?

Hi there, The timing belt should be changed at 60, Mls,Mls if it has not been changed do so soon. I have a lancer I broke a timing belt a 2. I believe the 2. Put the belt on and check engine compression to see if there was any damage to valves. Engine Mechanical problem Mitsubishi Lancer 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive miles I was driving and the car acted as if the timing belt broke.Nice article mate, do you mind i ask you some question?

Thanks pal.

Timing Belt

For noise reduction, s-flow will produce less noise compare to those N1 type muffler. I assume that you are driving a manual, so for pickup you need to change the extractor aka exhaust header to design. My suggest is get a tuned length header with a 1. Finally you need to rebore the block to fit these in. Bro, love your posts. Is there any workshop that you can recommend to work on these mods? Cz the pricing on Jasma is really attractive!

Also bro, the quick shifter. Its not the same as the short shifter in the market that costs about RM right? Hi Ken, May I know where you located? So that I can recommend you the best workshop. However Jasma does provide a 8whp increase of performance and so far still no complaint from users.

Not much for a cheaper version of quick shifter compare to an expensive one. Both working concepts are almost similar. Hey Ben great to hear from you! Wouldnt mind travelling a little bit though. Well, I just sent you an email. Can you take a look at that? Thanks alot buddy! Hi Ken, Millennium motorsport is not bad for upgrades.

By the way, I did reply you a mail. Try to have a look and do not hesitate to contact me if there is something not clear to you Regards. I'm wondering what other intake manifold that can be used on 4G15 to allow more air into the engine? Cheaper way, you may try to customize it. If for branded stuff, Super 90 might suit u. Hi, It is recommended to install the adapter as most aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulators will not connect to the stock fuel rail.

Hi, Here is the price list for those price. Hi, Normally people will set to retard 4 degree. However it can be adjusted based on your reference at what rpm band you want. Hi, Not really give extra hp but it helps to maintain a constant voltage level which is good for your electronic parts in your car.

For example, your audio, your headlamp brightness. Ben, Please check your inbox. Hi ben, m driving a vdo 4g Is there any mod that can be done to the ecu system etc Emanage? I m thinking to change my 4g13 block to 4g15 block with 1. From, Joseph. As long as your ECU is able to full fill your new setting then it is not require.

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